Monday, February 13, 2012

The Queen dies at 48

Pop/soul diva Whitney Houston passed away Saturday in her Beverly Hills home. Houston had been a tabloid target during her last years of life due to the crack rumors and her marriage to Bobby Brown. The diva sold 200 million records worldwide, won 6 Grammys, 2 Emmys, and almost 2 dozen American Music Awards. She was a music icon and an inspiration to many. Houston came from a musical family; her mother, Cissy Houston was a gospel sensation. But, Houston's bad behavior and drug addiction helped tear her career down. Oddly enough, Houston passed away the day of this years Grammy awards. Grammy producers rushed last minute to add a tribute to Houston. The show opened up with a tribute to Whitney and Jennifer Hudson sang honoring the legend.

The authors of this article, the Salon Staff, didn't seem very emotional about the subject. They didn't use much pathos at all, they just stated the facts. The authors made it obvious that they believed that Houston did this to herself. They mentioned Houston's drug use multiple times and added that her behavior and drug use helped "tear her career down." They even included a quote from Houston saying, "The biggest devil is me. I'm either my best friend or my worst enemy."

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Monday, February 6, 2012

The Life of an Abercrombie & Fitch Model

I read this article and was very entertained. I remember when I went to New York City and went to the Abercrombie & Fitch store and saw the models posting up right when you walk in. They really do use tacky "company taglines" to try to get you to buy their merchandise. The author of this article, Terry Mccoy, was an actual Abercrombie model and got to experience the whole process. He was discovered on the street one day in New York City by a recruiter, and was convinced by her to come to an interview. He went to the interview and the recruiter was right, everyone loved him and he was hired. He was told to go to an orientation at 9 am on a Sunday morning. He showed up late, still drunk from the night before, and not showered. But, it didn't matter. Nobody even noticed. All they cared about was that this "hot" model was here and ready to go. I thought this was sort of funny. It's the guys first day on the job and he shows up hammered and they don't care? Wow... Just the life of a model I guess. Mccoy ended up quitting 2 hours into his 6 hour shift. Couldn't handle the skinny jeans.

I thought this article was really cool because it was written by someone who actually got to experience being an Abercrombie model. The details he added really helped you picture the process. An example of this is when Mccoy discusses his "bright green" Chuck Taylors. Mccoy starts to make fun of the Abercrombie models and their tactics. Mccoy explains Abercrombie as "If you've never been to Abercrombie, let me tell you, it definitely kills one's ability to form coherent, logical thought." This is so true. When I walk into Abercrombie, I can't hear myself think. Mccoy uses plenty of evidence to get his purpose across, and to be honest, kind of makes me frown upon Abercrombie & Fitch after reading his article.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Memoir #2

For my second memoir, I will be reading Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy. The book summary on the back of the book sounds very interesting and I'm excited to read it.