Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Invasion of Privacy

ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews has filed a lawsuit regarding her September 2008 stay at a Nashville, Tennessee hotel. Andrew says that a man "altered a peephole so he could shoot video of the ESPN sports reporter while she was nude." The lawsuit was filed friday in Davidson County, Tennessee. Andrews is seeking $6 million from the Marriott Hotel and $4 million from the man, Michael David Barrett. She says that Barrett made calls to the hotel asking if she would be staying at the hotel. She also claims that the hotel revealed her room number and he requested a room right next to hers. Director of communications at Marriott hotel spoke out and said the hotel has made changes to the guest policy providing more privacy. Barrett was arrested after trying to sell the videos to TMZ. TMZ did not purchase the videos, but helped in the investigation by providing information to Andrews' attorneys.

The authors of this article, or the CNN Wire Staff, implied that they believe that Barrett was completely wrong for doing this. "Andrews' lawsuit contends she was a victim of negligence, invasion of privacy and infliction of emotional distress." I completely agree with the staff. I find this disgusting and inappropriate. The staff states that Barrett posted up to ten videos of Andrews. My question is, why was he not caught earlier? 

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  1. This is terrible and totally reflects badly on the Marriott hotels that a guest's privacy was invaded that much! Especially that they gave away her room number!

  2. This is nuts! I was staying in Nashville for the entire summer and it makes me get goose bumps thinking about something like that happening! I am glad that TMZ did not purchase the videos, that would be very wrong.