Thursday, December 1, 2011

Weed Wars

There is a new TV show set to premiere tonight at 10 on the Discovery Channel called Weed Wars. The new series revolves around a medical marijuana clinic in Oakland, California. Business owner, Steve D'Angelo, says he runs "a family business." D'Angelo's company, the Harborside Health Center, distributes medical marijuana to almost 100,000 customers. D'Angelo sees his business as just another small normal business, and he compares it to a hair salon or a tattoo parlor. There is one problem with his small, family owned business. Even though medical marijuana can be sold legally to a California resident  with a medical permit, the federal government still considers it a Schedule 1 narcotic. This means that D'Angelo and his brother, who helps him run the business, "live in fear of a massive bust by the DEA."

The author of this article, Matt Zoller Seitz, implies that he does not really agree with the TV show. He says, "D’Angelo’s matter-of-fact statement sums up the tone of this series, which treats the Harborside Heath Center as just another family-owned (albeit nonprofit) business, ultimately not too different from a veterinary clinic, a hair salon or a tattoo parlor." To me, that sounds a little sarcastic. I, personally, do not understand the whole TV show. If they fear a bust by the DEA, once this show goes on national TV, aren't they definitely busted? I will definitely be watching tonight to see what happens. 

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  1. Everyone is gonna try to get their hands on medical marijuana now if they watch this show.

  2. I will have to hulu that show. It sounds very interesting and controversial. My dad says that apparently there is like a BJ's for weed in Colorado where all you need is a signature from a doctor and you can get as much as you want. I wonder if its like that...

  3. How ironic! I agree, if they fear being busted by the DEA and they are on national television, aren't they busted? Unless the show is just made up...