Monday, November 28, 2011

5 Tips to Increasing Your Happiness

Who doesn't want to be happy? People will go to extreme measures to be happy in their life. Scientist Dr. John Grohol did some research and came up with 5 tips to increase happiness in your life. The first is, "Take a break from the material world" Grohol suggests that money won't buy you happiness and if you can afford some shelter and transportation, you're pretty much set. Second, he says, "Your relationships go a long way to helping you be happy." Grohol says that this tip is more for people that are married and that your relationship is a key component to your happiness level. His third tip is, "Trying to enjoy yourself will result in your least amount of enjoyment." He says your least likely to be happy when you're trying to be happy and happiness occurs naturally. The fourth tip is, "Being a giving person and having gratitude matter."People that are selfless tend to be happier and they tend to think about the good things in life. The final tip is, "Focus on experiences, not stuff." Grohol says to avoid buying stuff and having a lot, and focus more on the experiences you have with the people you enjoy being with.

Grohol is very persuasive in this article. His purpose was to inform people on how to live happier lives. The title of the article, "5 Tips to Increasing Your Happiness," made people interested in the article right from the start. Grohol definitely achieved his goal by writing this article. After reading this, it made me want to follow these rules so I too, can live a happier lifestyle.

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  1. Well, are you happy now? What happened to blogging twice a week? Cindy is not going to be happy, or Mark for that matter!

  2. I really liked reading these five tips to happiness and I think I can definitely use some of them! Nice post! :)

  3. I agree with Janet, people should apply this to their lives more often. Grumpy hhs