Tuesday, November 1, 2011

White Halloween

I, as well as many others, never though I'd see a white halloween. But, this past Saturday night and Sunday morning left me speechless. I woke up Sunday, October 30th, and looked out my window and saw snow on the ground. Thats a first. The past weekends snow storm left millions without power. Schools have already been cancelled for weeks due to power outages and halloween has been postponed in some towns. Everywhere from West Virginia up to New Hampshire woke up Sunday morning and was astonished at what they saw. If this storm happened during the winter, it would have just been another snow storm. But the fact that it hit halloween weekend makes it one for the record books.

The author of this article, Andrew Rosenthal, also was amazed by the snow storm. He starts off the editorial comparing the idea of a white halloween to a Tim Burton movie. Rosenthal says, "Where the damage was worst, it looked as though autumnal trees had shed their branches instead of their leaves." Rosenthal was very surprised by the weekends storm. Rosenthal also says that, "The emotion this storm inspired was incredulity." He's right. People didn't know what was happening or what to do. Nobody was prepared for this and nobody will forget it. 

Click here to read the editorial


  1. Meh, I'd like to forget it. I hate snow, but I love Tim Burton.

  2. Having snow on Halloween is as bad as not having snow on Christmas day.