Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Troops Are Coming Home

There is good news for troops and military families. President Obama announced Friday that that all the troops will be home by the end of the year. More than 4, 400 Americans have been killed in this war, and it has cost the US $1 trillion over the past nine years. There was a possibility that Obama was going to leave some troops behind in Iraq for a while longer to help the Iraqi government maintain security. But, Iraq couldn't make up their mind and with a December 31st deadline approaching, Obama decided the best thing to do would be to bring all the troops home. There is finally a much needed end date to this long fought war.

The author of this editorial, Andrew Rosenthal, suggests that he believes its a good idea that there is finally an end date to the war in Iraq. He proves this near the end of the article when he includes a quote from Mitt Romney, a Republican presidential candidate. He says,"Romney...said Mr. Obama “unnecessarily put at risk” hard-won victories. Like most of what Mr. Romney says about national security, that was absurd. Would he have Washington ignore the desires of Iraq’s democratic government and stay in Iraq forever?" Rosenthal also ends his editorial by saying, "...Iraq will be in the hands of Iraqis, as it should be." 

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  1. I agree the troops deserve to come home.

  2. I was just saying to Ms. Azevedo that Iraq should be in the hands of Iraqis, not us. They should get what they want, not what we want. This is such good news!!!!!