Monday, November 7, 2011

Special Education Needs Not Being Met

I may have a personal connection with this article, and I may be biased, but it doesn't mean there is not a problem going on at the Hanover Middle School. The author of this article, Mark Skordinski, is explaining this problem. The Hanover Middle School has left nine special needs children without a teacher. The reason for this? Faculty cuts. According to federal law, school districts must provide an education to children with special needs in the least restrictive environment. So, the issue at the middle school is in "direct opposition with federal and state law." Skordinski also mentions the school committee and their failure to cooperate with special needs parents. The school committee is supposed to speak for the townspeople, which is why they were elected. Their failure to do so is not helping the situation, or the concerned parents.

Mark Skordinski makes it perfectly clear that he believes that this is wrong and that something needs to be done. He explains the problem that has arose at the middle school. He also thoroughly describes his feelings for the school committee. "From the very outset of the meeting, it was clear that the chairman of the school committee had no interest in hearing these concerns." Skordinski also says, "However, there is an overall chipping away of special education that seems to be driven too much by financial concerns instead of best practices or students’ needs." Skordinski believes that with a little teamwork, the school committee and special needs parents can cooperate and do what's best for their children.

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  1. I agree with Mark Skordinski and it appears that he did a good job in persuading the reader.

  2. Wow that is sad to hear of the teacher cuts. Education for special needs students should not be punished because of Hanover's lack of proper budget planning. It is disappointing to hear that the chairman did not even care to listen.

  3. The education for the special needs students should not be suffering because of budget cuts! If they need to make cuts, there are plenty of history, math, science, etc. teachers they can cut and increase class sizes for students who do not struggle in their paths of education.

  4. I think the author's argument was effective because there was a good balance of ethos, logos and pathos to persuade this audience. And it worked too, becuase they have now decided to hire an additional teacher to replace the one they cut!!! See what you can do with the right amount of rhetoric? Lives can be changed for the better. Please extend my congratulations to the author, Katherine ;)