Wednesday, January 18, 2012

As Good as It Gets for the Economy?

This article interested me because people are always asking when the economy is going to get better. The bad news is, it might not. The economy was very weak in 2011, but it ended better than it started. Earlier this month, researchers revealed data that expect a growth of around 3 percent for the last quarter of 2011. In the first three quarters of the year, the average was only 1.2 percent. There are many signals that show that the economy will probably not get better. Wages have not rose and foreclosures continue. The author of this editorial believes that in order to save the economy, we need more government aid to help create jobs and prevent foreclosures. But, this does not look like its going to happen. The government has made it clear that they are going to provide less, not more, in 2012. President Obama is trying to make an effort to help the economy. He proposed a bill that included spending money for public work projects, aid to state and local governments, and a renewal of a payroll tax break and jobless aid. Unfortunately, congressional republicans blocked the bill. But, this tells us that there still is hope and Obama is trying to make an effort to help struggling Americans. 
The author of this editorial made it clear that he thinks the U.S. economy needs help. I completely agree with this. People are still homeless, jobless, and hungry. Foreclosures are continuing, and wages are still low. The author is very persuasive and made me believe that Obama does want to help, if he can find a way. The author makes it clear that Obama needs to refocus and concentrate on creating jobs. "Mr. Obama needs to translate his newfound focus on the middle class into an agenda for broad prosperity, making the case that what the nation needs now is a large short-run effort to create jobs coupled with a plan to cut the deficit as the economy recovers." I enjoyed reading this article and hope that Congress and Obama can eventually come together to solve the economic problems in our country. 

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  1. At least President Obama is trying to give the economy more help. And the statistic was a good technique for the author to use because I had no idea the growth of the economy was actually increasing. Nice post!