Thursday, January 19, 2012

Four People Missing on Mount Rainier

An elite mountain rescue team headed up the side of Mount Rainier in Washington today to search for four missing people. The four climbers went missing after a brutal storm. The rescue team is searching for a pair of overdue campers and two climbers who were trying to summit the mountain. Medical teams and the missing climber's families are concerned about the climbers' health. There has been a snow storm on the mountain the last couple of days, bringing wind gusts over 100 miles per hour and a few feet of snow. Rangers believe that the climbers are well-equipped, but their supplies may be getting low. Two of the campers, Mark Vucich and Michelle Trojanowski, were scheduled to return down from the summit Sunday. Mark's family says he has plenty of experience and knowledge of survival techniques. The other two climbers' names haven't been released, but are scheduled to return down on Monday. The Park Service is going to continue searching in the next couple of days, and a helicopter will also be searching from the sky.
When I read this article, I thought it was both interesting and depressing. I can't imagine the pain the family is going through. The author of this article, Gene Johnson, did not seem to incorporate any personal feelings into the article. It was very factual and to be honest, sort of boring. I know this isn't a happy subject, but I feel like he could have made the article a little more intriguing. I plan on following up on this event and seeing if these climbers are ever found.

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  1. On an issue like this, the author definitely should've used more pathos to hold the audience in. Winds over 100 miles per hour! Wow! I hope they are all okay. Nice post.