Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy

Who didn't love The Wiggles as a kid? I know I did. They defined a generation. Their hit TV show was watched in millions of homes throughout the world and they sold out arenas across the globe. Lots of kids and families were disappointed when a key member of the group dropped out. Many were pleased though when a new member was added to the group, but it still wasn't the same. But now, after years, the fans are getting what they've been waiting for, the original crew is back. Greg Page, the founding Wiggle, is back after a five year absence. But, he has a good reason for leaving. Page was diagnosed with a rare nervous system disorder, dysautonomia, in 2006. He quit the group and handed over the role to his understudy, Sam Moran. Moran is now leaving after nine years, giving the role back to its original owner. Page returning to the Wiggle stage is bringing much excitement to the 21 year old group. This age group feels like their bringing back their childhood memories. Page is ready to start working with the group immediately. He is going to start filming immediately and they are going on an international tour starting in March. The Wiggles are back in action!

It seems to me that the author of this article, Mary Elizabeth Williams, is a Wiggles fan. She seems very excited that the original crew is back in action and going to start filming immediately. Williams does also discuss the cons of the original Wiggle coming back. The kids that have been watching the show with Moran are very upset and confused. "There will be kids who pitch fights, and parents who do likewise." Williams discusses both sides of the argument, but her tone suggests that she herself is very excited about the change. She finishes her article with saying, "Some anguished fans have even begged Sam to remain, suggesting he could be shunted to a newly formed role of Green Wiggle. But come on. As any child could tell you, there's only room for four in that big red car."

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  1. I loved the Wiggles when I was little! Fruit salad, yummy yummy! :) Nice post!